Letter of Introduction



Your invitation to visit this site is not by mere chance nor coincidence. Someone believes you are a person that likes to make a difference when you can. As you watch the evening news along with millions of other Americans, some feeling deep inside you is telling you that something is wrong in our country, terribly wrong. News is hardly ever good, usually revealing some shooting, failing healthcare, a terrorist attack, racial violence, drug overdoses, and the forever news network’s political view of government with scandals, corruption, and fiscal mismanagement. Your consciousness wrestles the guilt of your own thoughts…. I wish there was something I could do..! My life is good, why should I worry..? Does this affect me and my family? Someone should do something..! I don’t know what I could do..!

Most people see or hear all these stories and sadly do nothing, either out of fear of big government, or lack of knowledge and know how to be heard. People simply just push on with life harboring the guilt of their own thoughts when they could make a difference. Wouldn’t you like to make a difference? Here is your chance to make a difference with potential to correct an injustice by a state agency and its employee’s unlawful actions.

Allow me to give you a little background story:

In 2004, Global Group, Inc. [Global], an Alabama corporation, was hired by Ashley Griffin [Griffin] to design and build a large single family home project in Bay County, Florida. Global was an Alabama corporation and licensed home builder in the State of Alabama. Steven Jarrett Palmer [Palmer] was President of Global. Global utilized a provision of Florida law that allows a business to use a qualifying agent (a certified contractor licensed in Florida) to comply with the licensing requirements while contracting in Florida. Global reached an agreement with a qualifying agent Alexander Hancock [Hancock], who also was a board member on the Bay County Home Builders Licensing Board. One of the board’s purposes was to assist new contractors in becoming properly licensed in Florida.

At the time the contract for construction was executed between Griffin and Global, there was a valid employment agreement with Hancock, to be the qualifying agent for the Griffin construction project. Hancock failed to fulfill his statutory duties and complete the necessary paperwork to register the business (Global Group Inc.) as a contractor. Hancock applied and obtained building permits for the project from Bay County Builders Services. Construction began on January 1, 2004.

During the construction project Department of Business and Professional Regulation [Department] investigator Thomas Bishop [Bishop] initiated an investigation into Global and Palmer for unlicensed contracting. Because of Bishop’s influence, Griffin lodged a fraudulent complaint against Global and Palmer with the Department. Further, Bishop reported an alleged violation of law to the State Attorney prior to any Department finding.

After Palmer was served with the complaint by the Department, Palmer filed a seven page response to the Department denying the allegations, the response was timely pursuant to Florida law, but was never forwarded to the Department. Palmer hired attorney Mark Violette to represent him before the Department. Shortly after Palmer hired Violette, a warrant was issued for the allegations Bishop reported, forcing Palmer to turn himself in. Violette failed to represent Palmer as agreed and his failure to defend allowed gross misconduct by public servants and improper agency action to go unchecked and result in a prosecution for contracting without a license that should have never been referred to the office of the state attorney. The end result was Palmer receiving a (25) year sentence in the Florida Department of Corrections that the citizen-taxpayers pay for needlessly.

You say (25) years is ridiculous! We couldn’t agree more, and if your honest with yourself, and listen to your consciousness you will hear the delima of your own thoughts… How do you justify taking 25 years of a man’s life for working, trying to make a living for his family…He did not commit an act of violence…Hardcore criminals receive less time for rape, robbery, child molestation, drunk driving, man slaughter.

This brings us to an important question:

Would you be willing to help Mr. Palmer if we could show

you how this injustice directly affects you and your family?

If your answer is yes, let me give you two reasons to help. First, because if we allow any of our public servants to act rogue, not follow the laws and rules, or just allow them freedom to do things based solely upon what they deem to be more practical or convenient, then we truly live under arbitrary and despotic government. We can not allow our public servants to do as they wish they must follow the essential requirements of law. It is by such insidious process and gradual encroachment that constitutional limitations and government by the people are weakened and eventually destroyed. Constitutions, are social contracts that prescribe express terms for doing things, even though there may be other means of doing the same things which are easier, and more convenient, and practical for their own sake. Whenever public servants do this, they always transcend constitutional limitation, trespass on individual rights and destroy the foundation of our constitutional benefits. All of history attest that this is the result of arbitrary actions.

From the Declaration of Independence to the dawning of each new day, the benefits we enjoy have been and will be governed by the laws of this great nation. The interpretation and enforcement of these laws are steeped in centuries of practice and tradition. Without the support of the professional ethics embraced by every person working in the three branches of government, our laws would not be worth the paper they are written on. Our laws simply demand compliance from a public servant as well as a public citizen. For a public servant to remain in compliance he or she must adhere to the essential requirements of law prescribed by legislative enactment, ensuring obedience to the mandate of legal authority without the exercise of the public servant’s own judgment or discretion as to the propriety of the action taken.

Second, remember in American History we all learned under our primitive democracy the sole function of government was police protection (common defense), not so anymore, presently our local, state and federal governments have assumed responsibility for educating the youth, building roads and streets, providing parks and playgrounds, offering sanitary and medical services for man and beast, warding the insane, the mute, and the blind, pensioning the aged and infirm, regulating occupations and professions, defending the nation, offering other services to its people too numerous to relate embarking in still other enterprises without number in the interest of the public good, all made available through the collection of taxes from the citizen-taxpayers. Further, because you are a citizen-taxpayer you have an expectation interest in our public servants that they will act in a manner to preserve and maintain the integrity of the governmental process, activities, and expenditures.

Every governmental function affects you and your families daily life one way or another, from driving your car (motor vehicle safety), a doctors visit (healthcare), attending a concert (public safety), owning a gun (constitutional right), going to college (public education)… this list could go on forever. These things are known as constitutional benefits and are summed up in the preamble of our constitutions (state and federal), in which the State of Florida preamble states:

We, the people of the State of Florida, being grateful to Almighty

God for our constitutional liberty, in order to secure its benefits,

Perfect our government, insure domestic tranquility, maintain

Public order, and guarantee equal civil and political rights to all,

Do ordain and establish this constitution.

In order for us to continue enjoying our constitutional benefits requires citizens to participate by paying taxes, voting, adhering to state and federal laws, and demanding compliance from public servants who are not following the essential requirements of law. Our public officials, are citizens first, who have decided to exercise their political liberty for a position as a public servant, and do so voluntarily, deliberately by solemly swearing an oath.

Therefore, citizen-taxpayers have an expectation interest that public servants will perform their duties ethically, morally, and lawfully. This expectation interest is created from the public servant’s oath, which is a contract between the public servant and the people. The oath is a promise to the citizen-taxpayers from the public servant to perform his or her legal obligations and duties in exchange for public funds (our tax dollars).

Furthermore, our public servants are bound by oath and statute to perform their duties regardless of personal considerations, recognizing that promoting the public interest and maintaining the respect of the people in their government must be of foremost concern, and if a public servant fails in performance of their duties, it is the citizen-taxpayer’s responsibility and duty to seek redress by grievance in order to preserve and protect our constitutional benefits.

Sadly, Mr. Palmer has sought this redress of grievance over the past decade in various courts, only to fall on deaf ears, not because what he was saying was meritless. In fact, his claims are full of merit. Unfortunately, people do not listen to a prisoner, the majority of people say surely the courts are not wrong. Wake up people, its no longer about justice for all, justice has been railroaded.

There is power in numbers, the people control this power as citizen-taxpayers. Its time for “We the People” to get involved and stop this injustice, and start protecting our constitutional benefits. Please join us in this wrongful conviction and sentence as we feel it is truly a manifest of injustice against Mr. Palmer, his family and especially citizen-taxpayers in the State of Florida. We ask that you carefully read the Complaint to the Citizen Assistance Office and the Petition for Redress of Grievance and Demand for Specific Performance to the Florida Legislature. If you feel that you agree with each document, please sign the Declaration to Join for the relative document. Thank you for your time and consideration. God Bless America.


The Complaint to the Citizen Assistance Office and the Petition for Redress of Grievance and Demand for Specific Performance is written in a legal format and legal language because it will most likely be reviewed by someone in the legal profession. We apologize for any difficulty in reading the documents and attachments, but in order to cover the claims properly the documents were written this way intentionally. Please comment and join our cause, thank you, and may God bless America.