Since June of 2006, a man has been fighting for his liberty, his life and for his justice, all to no avail.  A loving father of two small children, dedicated husband and business owner, arrested at age 33, he is now 44 years of age and has spent 11 years of his life behind bars – he was wrongfully charged by information from a state prosecutor who used perjured testimony to convince a petite jury to bring a guilty verdict.

 Steven Jarrett Palmer was convicted of crimes he did not commit, without a fair trial and sentenced to 25 years in prison for building a house without a license, while making a living for his family.  Unbelievable you say! Wake up America! Our criminal justice system is broken and needs to be fixed.


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February 2, 2015


It is my pleasure to sponsor Mr. Steven Jarrett Palmer in the help from the “Go Fund Me” program.

I have been aware of his unfortunate circumstance for some years now, and my prayers and thoughts
are to get as much help as we can for this young man to resolve the issues at hand.

My prayers are for all concerned people of compassion to give as much help as possible for him to be able to live a normal and Christian Life once again.

We sincerely thank and appreciate your heart felt response to this matter.

Frank Lowell Rice, PhD
A Follower of our Lord Jesus Christ

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February 7, 2015

I, Claude Kelly, am making my personal opinion of Steven Jarrett Palmer and my knowledge ofhim and his family.

I am a retired Postmaster and have known Jarrett for a period of several years and his father, Warren, for many years. I feel that a proper and right trial and legal procedure was not afforded to Jarrett, or at least he was not personally aware of his rights as afforded under the Constitution.

After his personal loss of all, family as well as material holdings, he is a person needing all of the help that we, as fellow Americans, can afford in his case.

I recently read where a retired Federal Judge made a statement in a written article that over 80% of the people in prison today are innocent of any wrong doing and did not deserve being incarcerated. My feeling is that Jarrett Palmer is in this 80% as stated by the Federal Judge and is in need of assistance.


Claude Kelly, Retired Postmaster

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February 4, 2015

An innocent man, Steven Jarrett Palmer, was unjustly sentenced to prison for twenty-five (25) years on the charges of building a home without a permit.

Over eight years of his young life have been stolen from him already. This man was a highly successful craftsman that did workmanship that was unrivaled
by  most others. His business and equipment have also been stolen from him.

I believe that any other person that had to endure the hardship that he has undergone would have lost faith in humanity. Jarrett’s faith and trust in the Lord keeps him strong and unwavering.

Please come to know and support this righteous, God-fearing, humble man.

Michael Clay Bishop, Chiropractor

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February 10, 2015


As a Registered Architect (Ala. #1322), contract law is the center of our practice. Scope of the work establishes a standard. A contractor measures his effort by the standard and is simply required to get within tolerance established by the standards in the agreement contract.

Participation in the construction industry is limited to only those qualified. An architect must be registered, a contractor must be licensed.

Accountability is firmly held as exhibited by the requirement of bonds. Bid, Payment and Performance Bonds must be documented before even a construction conference can be held signifying the beginning of construction.

Bonds and mechanic liens are safeguards for all parties.

Perhaps, in the annuals of construction history, there is no greater example of one having benefited from his own wrong. The owner performed the wrong, not the contractor. (Maxims of Law from Bouvier’s Dictionary of Law, by John Bouvier, 1856) “Commondum ex injuria sua non habere debet. No man ought to derive any benefit of his own wrong.”

The owner prepared a contract that was an attempt to evade the law. No bonds were required. No architect monitored the project’s progress for equitable treatment of all parties insuring desirable construction. More important, the owner refused to comply with the undesirable contract by circumventing an essential element of the contract in that all disputes could only be resolved by arbitration. The owner chose instead to use court proceeding designed to favor the owner at the expense of the other party.

Evidence of actual facts in dispute were denied
Mr. Palmer, files destroyed to escape due process. There were actual facts in dispute which were barred that were determinative of the outcome and which precluded the pursuit of any case of merit.

The mind of any well regulated Architect is constantly aware that his sins will stare him in the face. In this case, there is in place the ultimate bond, “So then every one of us must give an account of himself to God.”

Haywood Jackson Mizell, Architect

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